Scorpio - Horoscope of 2024



Love: Therapeutic baths with salts will be useful for dealing with tiredness and exhaustion.

Work: You'll sometimes feel you are with the wrong person due to opposing points of view. Instead of this, try to focus on what makes the two of you good together.

Health: You'll need to concentrate more if you want to reach the ambitious objectives you've set yourself. Start eliminating all the minor things which distract you and you'll be fine.


Love: You can expect some problems and pains with your joints and these will make you less agile; join a gym as soon as possible.

Work: You'll experience a period of stalemate with your beloved who is taking his or her time, as are you. A break will be helpful for both of you.

Health: Someone will notice your impatience and will use this against you. Try not to be edgy and go forward without delay. You'll come out with your head high.


Love: Whatever you do will feel like a great burden. All your tiredness and stress has now come to a head.

Work: Try not to be so stubborn and behave in a more rational way. Don't hide the truth simply 'cos you want to avoid an argument with your Partner.

Health: Try to turn a situation into your advantage. Just be careful you don't ignore other needs.


Love: You could suffer from low blood pressure so try to stay in the shade and drink a great deal of liquids.

Work: Things will go well for you and your beloved. This closeness will help you share emotions and a good state of mind, leading to great dialog and harmony.

Health: You'll have to rely on common sense as you won't know the right solution to a problem. Keep your co-workers in the loop too.


Love: You'll feel really tired so try not to burn the candles at both ends and rest.

Work: You'll be determined to be right and will have no desire to listen to others. You should spend more time with your partner.

Health: Some initial panic will snowball. If you don't need this hassle, don't worry about it and try to calm your co-workers down too.


Love: Something you eat may well have repercussions on your intestines. Eat in moderation.

Work: You'll try at all costs to keep a stagnant situation going even if you know full well that the time has come to change. In this way you are just putting off what will inevitably eventually occur.

Health: You'll manage to solve a problem thanks to your great intuition and also to the intervention of a trustworthy co-worker.


Love: Your legs will feel heavy and sluggish: this could be caused by circulation problems.

Work: Something your Partner is hiding from you will irritate you. But sometimes hiding the truth saves hurting those you love.

Health: You'll discover you'll need time to get what you wanted so will have to take a decision. Stay calm - there's no rush.


Love: Watch out for temperature highs and lows as there are lots of colds around.

Work: It'll be tough to get back your partner's trust but you'll finally get there by being astute.

Health: A wrong decision will impact on the entire period and this will darken your mood. You'll need time and ingenuity to get through this.


Love: You could be prone to headaches due to excessive mental strain. Go to bed early.

Work: Because of a poor choice you've made, your authority in your relationship will be put into question. You alone shouldn't make all the decisions.

Health: You'll have to deal with someone with whom you get on very well. Together you will manage to finalize projects you had planned and a friendship could blossom.


Love: You could feel a little weak so be careful as you are prone to catching a cold.

Work: Your partner will find your behavior irrational and will want an explanation. Before you explain, try to clarify things in your own mind.

Health: You'll complete a great backlog of work. Try not to overdo things and concentrate as much as possible.


Love: Continuous stress could lead to a lack of appetite. Try to cast aside your worries.

Work: You'll set yourself ambitious targets just to show yourself you can reach them. You'll give your all when trying to win over a new potential partner.

Health: You don't want to share your opinions with anyone as you want to be the best. Just be careful as this could well become a limitation.


Love: You are leading a lifestyle which is too sedentary. Try to move around a little otherwise things will get worse.

Work: You'll realize you've found someone who shares the same interests as you. The Stars advise you not to rush things as you usually do.

Health: There are heaps of opportunities around but you are still complaining. What you need is the courage to grab them - go for it. Just take the first step and the rest will come naturally.

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