Libra - Horoscope of 2024



Love: Severe stress is stopping you from sleeping properly and this is making you irritable. Clear your mind.

Work: Your Partner will put you in a tight spot and, as you don't know how to react, you'll feel on edge. Just remember; you have nothing to hide so be as open and transparent as possible.

Health: You will be able to shine, showing everyone just how competent you are. However you should really analyze your place of work as it isn't what it seems.


Love: Moderate what you eat or you could gain weight.

Work: Being jealous of your beloved's friends is causing heated arguments, leaving a nasty taste in your mouth. Try to be more understanding and to give your partner more freedom.

Health: You should try to discuss matters more often with others. You will be reproached for some unfriendly behavior.


Love: The Stars suggest you don't overeat and to consider a healthy diet.

Work: You could meet an old friend who will have changed a great deal. You'll find it hard to choose between two partners.

Health: A critical phase (whereby you'll need to put up with exasperating situations) is on the cards. Don't let this get you down and use your energy to look around as there are heaps of other opportunities.


Love: You'll be subject to seasonal indispositions so think carefully about what to wear.

Work: You'll discover your partner is rational rather than passionate and will feel really disappointed. Be patient and try to get him or her to re-discover his ( or her) instincts.

Health: You'll be a useful reference point for your co-workers who will ask you for help with doing their jobs. Well done.


Love: The Stars advise you to make sure your posture is good as this will help you avoid chronic backache.

Work: A minor misunderstanding will take time to be resolved, simply because of your pride. This will upset you so make the first move.

Health: You'll stand firm in your position and will not back down. However, try not to be proud as listening to others' suggestions could prove to be useful,


Love: The Stars suggest you spend more time with people who can understand and encourage you.

Work: This will be a great period where you'll feel really close to your partner. The Stars favor you so make the most of this to consolidate your relationship.

Health: You'll receive the result you want by taking small steps. Avoid confiding your plans to others.


Love: You'll have heaps of energy and your great mood will give you boundless energy in everyday life.

Work: Meeting an old friend will make you reflect back on your life. Be less voluble and focus on things which last.

Health: You won't accept authority and will want to do everything your own way. Watch out you don't get too stubborn. The Stars advise you to always let reason prevail over instinct.


Love: You still have a minor problem with your blood pressure and this will tire you out. Don't overdo it.

Work: Your relationship will take a positive turn and this will be the basis for a solid future together. It's early days but the foundations are solid.

Health: You'll be able to weigh up new alternatives which will open up doors in your career. Your tenacity and good will can only be praised.


Love: Chronic problems of circulation will make your legs feel tired and heavy: a little movement will help.

Work: You'll spend a great deal of time on your hobbies but should devote this time to your partner.

Health: You'll be very tired and will look for a diversion. You'll tend to not give your all at work and one of your bosses will express disappointment.


Love: Try to cast aside any negative or worrying thoughts. Go ahead with more optimism.

Work: You'll manage to conciliate your desire for freedom with your need to have your partner by your side. You'll realize that as long as there's trust within a couple, there is freedom.

Health: You'll react to situations far too slowly and this is due to your increasing levels of responsibility. Don't worry about not succeeding - you'll be fine.


Love: Physically you feel great; you feel the urge for movement and games. Organize an event with friends.

Work: Your self confidence will help your relationship with others. You'll find a way to improve communication with your partner.

Health: You'll receive a fantastic job opportunity which pays great money but don't fall for this too quickly and think it over carefully.


Love: Try not to lift heavy weights as your spine is very sensitive at the moment.

Work: Your enthusiasm will be infectious to everyone around you. You'll be charismatic and will win over your Partner with your gentle ways.

Health: There are changes afoot and this situation will need more flexibility. You'll have to give into decisions which come from above.

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