Pisces - Horoscope of 2024



Love: The Stars suggest you have a change and take a little trip to feel restored.

Work: Try to weigh up situations objectively and use your intuition. Try to look at the positive side.

Health: You'll take a wrong decision but you'll rectify this eventually. Delegate your most imminent tasks.


Love: The Stars recommend you drink citrus juices, especially in the morning.

Work: The way you act will cause a minor tiff with your partner. Try to be a little more coherent with what you say if you want to avoid problems.

Health: You'll be surprised at the ease with which you complete a task. Your direct superior will notice this.


Love: You'll be uncharacteristically energetic and your optimism will be infectious. You'll be on great form.

Work: You'll be amazed that a difficult situation will suddenly resolve itself. You'll feel confused and unsettled by this.

Health: You'll need to deal with someone who has more experience than you. You'll come out of this brilliantly thanks to your cultural knowledge which saves you in many situations.


Love: If you do sport, watch out for your joints: you could be prone to pains in your ankles and wrists.

Work: Try not to be too insistent with others. Moderate your demands or you could end up being accused of being selfish.

Health: You'll use your gut instinct to deal with unexpected hitches. However this time, instinct alone won


Love: Try not to get too stressed; avoid tension, especially at home.

Work: You'll start up a conversation with your partner purely based on suppositions. However, this will turn into a disagreement. Stay cool.

Health: A great disappointment is on the cards due to an activity which won't go well. This is because you have worked on unstable foundations. A superior will help you.


Love: You've now reached your limits - you are always tired and you are losing your ability to concentrate.

Work: You'll feel perturbed by your beloved's requests for complicity. You'll feel both fear of commitment on one hand and your lack of affection on the other.

Health: The desire to shine will lead you to work as hard as you can to increase your profile at work. Try to get rid of your fear of failure.


Love: You'll have slight backache caused by distraction.

Work: You'll be on edge and touchy so think before you speak. Don't close up and be as open as you can. Your partner will understand you.

Health: A very experienced co-worker will advise you how to complete a task. Swallow your pride and be open-minded - you'll learn a great deal.


Love: The Stars suggest you spend a little time in contact with Nature to rediscover its charms.

Work: You won't behave fairly towards your partner and this will lead to an important decision. You'll feel strong and in control but time will show this is not the case.

Health: You'll face a new project with great enthusiasm as this looks really promising. You can savor the success!


Love: You can expect your legs to get swollen, probably caused by standing on your feet for too long.

Work: You'll feel suffocated and won't know how to tell your Partner this although he or she will pick up on your ill ease. Try not to be so egocentrical and be more loving.

Health: You'll underestimate the gravity of a problem but really need to evaluate carefully what the implications are. You'll discover that this problem needs a great deal of attention.


Love: You'll feel very tired and weary so try to channel your energy more effectively.

Work: You'll be very determined to reach your goals. Try to keep a rein on your enthusiasm as this could upset your partner.

Health: You'll miss an opportunity because of your procrastination. You will be reluctant to modify something you have already completed as you feel satisfied with what you have done.


Love: Look after yourself a little better, especially your throat as this could give you problems.

Work: You should try to appreciate the positive sides to your partner's character. Don't try to change his or her negative sides or behave selfishly.

Health: Someone will try to keep information from you but you will manage to understand his or her game and will find a solution.


Love: Try not to tire yourself out too much as you are already at the edge of your limit. Postpone all complicated matters.

Work: Past serenity will return to the family life. Act cautiously, especially as you'll have to take a decision which also involves your partner.

Health: You'll have a discussion with a co-worker about a deal which didn't go well. Try not to use too harsh a tone towards this person, he or she is not to blame.

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