Aries - Horoscope of 2024



Love: The Stars recommend you walk more often in the open air as this does you the world of good.

Work: You'll try to find the reason behind everything and this will make you tense. Try not to impose yourself but create complicity and harmony with your partner.

Health: Total confusion will reign due to a frenetic atmosphere and impending deadlines. If you want to finish your duties, don't drag behind.


Love: The Stars recommend a general check-up.

Work: You'll tend to consider everything as a joke. You'll understand that your Partner will try to dominate you and you will react to this.

Health: You'll realize someone is trying to create a bad impression of you and will try to catch him or her out. Before you do this, check that you are right.


Love: You'll feel ill due to dust or because of something you've eaten.

Work: Try not to be proud as you could really regret this at a later date. Try just to be yourself or someone could catch you out.

Health: Only believe in yourself. Try not however to take on too much as you risk overloading yourself.


Love: You'll get irritated very easily and won't find equilibrium.

Work: You'll have to do your utmost to be forgiven by your beloved. But yet again you'll survive. Try to be less stubborn in the future.

Health: You'll get the opportunity to settle an important deal but try not to take any rushed decisions.


Love: You'll have heaps of energy and will get better results than usual.

Work: You'll think purely of yourself, forgetting others. Your partner will criticize you for being so distant.

Health: Interesting financial opportunities are on the way. Don't let yourself be taken in by these and try laying the foundations for your professional future.


Love: To get back into great shape, the Stars recommend swimming or sport.

Work: Your tendency to let your partner do as he or she pleases could be misread as indifference. Make sure you clarify this.

Health: You should reflect before speaking. This characteristic of yours could lead to inter-personal problems with co-workers. Be shrewd.


Love: Don't push your body too hard.

Work: Your claim to be right on matters which regard you both will lead to a disagreement and hence further problems. Your pride is dangerous.

Health: You'll carry out a task brilliantly and will be rewarded and praised for this. Try not to let this go to your head however and instead show how constant you are.


Love: Pay attention to your nervous system as it could be fragile.

Work: You'll find it hard to get your beloved's trust back but eventually you will succeed and feel safer and more secure.

Health: You'll get the opportunity to take a great trip which will lead to new developments in the work environment.


Love: Force yourself to do a little more movement and lead a less sedentary lifestyle; this will impact on your daily life.

Work: You'll realize you behaved badly when in a rage and will seek your beloved's pardon. It'll be easier if you give more Love.

Health: Your courage will help you overcome a difficult challenge. Knowing that you love a good challenge, your superior will suggest increasingly difficult/ ambitious tasks. Weigh up carefully the risks and promises.


Love: Your bones will feel a little painful - maybe this is the start of flu.

Work: A stormy period with your beloved is on the cards and this will make things difficult for you. This is the result of broken promises so now is the time to sort things out.

Health: You'll need to change your behavior towards co-workers as you risk creating animosity which will later be difficult to eliminate.


Love: You'll be very dynamic and this will mean you increase physical activity.

Work: You'll tend to choose friends depending on common interests. You'll be able to express yourself openly.

Health: Your feet aren't firmly on the ground and you'll welcome new input and opportunities in a superficial way. Be careful.


Love: You are prone to catching a cold, probably due to the way you dress.

Work: You'll realize there is a great deal you'd like to change about your personality to improve your relationship with your partner. There's no rush - patience and Constance will triumph.

Health: You'll choose a line of action which will cause problems. There will be many misunderstandings and this could hinder success.

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