Capricorn - Horoscope of 2024



Love: You'll feel tired out and lack energy but you'll find a way to recuperate.

Work: You'll make a major change in your relationship and this will make you feel confused and disorientated

Health: Someone will try to cause you harm; don't waste time finding out who - just continue to produce great results which everyone can see.


Love: The Stars suggest you drink a great deal of water and take proteins and vitamins.

Work: You are encouraging change far too quickly. Accelerating things won't help so slow down!

Health: Your intuition will turn out to be great. Someone will try to criticize it due to the fact he or she is envious of you. However you will ignore this and things will go smoothly.


Love: Previous pain will return and this is maybe due to a bump. We suggest a check up.

Work: You'll have heaps of initiative and energy. You'll be able to discover your partner's positive side.

Health: You'll have to work hard because of minor hitches which slow down your work. Taking better decisions will help you to save time.


Love: The Stars advise you get your eyes checked out.

Work: Fair weather friends will give some wrong advice; be careful as you could live to regret this. Follow your instincts and make your own decisions: they'll be the right ones!

Health: You'll have a different opinion to others on an urgent matter and will find that everyone is against you. Don't be afraid - you'll come out of this fine.


Love: The Stars invite you to watch what you eat as it doesn't seem very balanced. Cut down on fat.

Work: The Stars advise you not to follow your instincts and get angry - just stay calm when discussing things with your Partner.

Health: You'll have heaps of imagination and will introduce a more artistic side to your career.


Love: The Stars suggest you eliminate bad habits and eat properly.

Work: Your beloved has become everything to you and you are distancing yourself from the rest of the world. This is risky.

Health: The opportunity you've been waiting will finally arrive. Don't think about things too much and grab it whilst you can as you may well not get a second chance. The effects will be positive yet brief.


Love: Tension and edginess are Enemy Number 1. You could try to use techniques of relaxation.

Work: You have no desire to listen to advice from those who are only trying to help and you'll be rather inflexible with your Partner who will ask you why you are behaving like this.

Health: Your capabilities will be put to the test. Try to control your temper as you risk making the situation worse.


Love: Relax using valerian or hawthorn infusion.

Work: A relative's presence will help you find harmony with your partner. In future, try to think of the consequences before you end up hurting others.

Health: Your dislike of a co-worker will make you edgy. Avoid off-loading tension on those around you.


Love: The Stars suggest you take a trip to forget day to day problems which are getting you down.

Work: Do your best to clarify situations and make your beloved feel confident and loved. Words will suffice.

Health: You'll be able to consolidate your position, making yourself indispensable. The changes which were on the cards will be put off but don't assume this situation is all sorted out.


Love: You could have some leg pains, caused by poor circulation.

Work: You'll feel that things are slipping away from under your feet. Your insecurity is due to an envious person who is plotting against you. Stay calm.

Health: You'll receive signs implying professional growth is on the cards. You'll know how to take advantage of a stroke of luck.


Love: It's not the right time to start a diet so wait for a more opportune time.

Work: You'll feel ecstatically happy thanks to the extraordinary connection between you and your beloved. You'll feel this is turning into True Love.

Health: The situation won't seem as stable as usual and this will cause you anxiety. Open your eyes and look around. You'll see how many opportunities are in your midst.


Love: The Stars suggest you do some gymnastics, especially in the morning.

Work: You'll overcome a difficult period of misunderstandings with your beloved by being fair and gentle. As well as being logical, be kind and tender.

Health: You'll need to act shrewdly towards someone who is trying to trip you up. Try to use similar tactics - be false!

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