Sign of the Month


From 22nd of December to the 20th of January
Quadruplicity: Cardinal
Day of the week: Saturday
Birthstones: Amber, Onyx, Sapphire, Quartz
Flowers: Gardenia, Daisy, Violet, Narcissus


Those born under this sign, ruled by Saturn, have a strong practical sense. They also, have a strong constitution, a prominent bone structure and strong muscles. They are ready to face life with great determination, have a strong character and are inflexible about their principles. Their personality is serious and ambitious and they are usually able to achieve their preset goals. They often put their personality under scrutiny through discussion, in a critical sense, that makes them become intransigent even to themselves. Their most important virtues are patience and meticulousness. In life, they are quite attached to the material world, which means stability for them. They are rather sensitive, especially about logical and rational values and usually do not like depending on others, as it could make them feel depressed and unfulfilled. They are gifted with an excellent mind and also have a certain flair for manual work such as handicrafts and agriculture. The women of this sign fulfill their ideals after reaching stability inside the family. They tend to isolate themselves and usually live relationships in a negative way, because of repetitiveness. Those born under this sign are usually skeptical, especially about things which are not logical or not clearly defined.


During this period you will be really fortunate and you will be able to solve most of the communication and relational problems in your love life. Your inner balance will be great and you will be able to seize the opportunities offered by life with determination and perfect timing. Your imagination and your charm will be favored, so nobody will be able to say no or contradict you. The young people of this sign will have the opportunity to start an important love story, to make conquests and to spend pleasant evenings in the company of close friends. They will be more malleable than usual and will listen to the people's problems with understanding and empathy. The older people of this sign will manage to improve their relationships, to solve old misunderstandings and will also have the opportunity to take some important decisions regarding events of their future life with their partner. On the contrary, the old people of this sign will have some small family misunderstandings, which will influence their mood and their everyday life.


In work, you will be able to solve problems and your initiatives will be successful. Thanks to your optimism new undertakings will be favored and you could even be given an opportunity to change your working position. January turns out to be really fortunate for you, as it will be a period of great satisfaction. You will be able to take your revenge on those colleagues who did not believe in your objectives. You could get a wage rise and some new gratifying duties. You could also get a new professional qualification, which will open the way to personal prestige and unexpected professional satisfaction. This could be a happy period for those who like investing on the Stock Market, as their stocks could bring great profits and improve their finances. Real estate stock investments are also favored, so if you intend to buy a house, this period will be favorable, as the Stars will support you.


Those born under this sign are inclined to melancholy and pathologies such as depression. They could also suffer from arthritis and other long-term diseases. Usually they have a strong constitution and when they suffer any disorder, they are ready to fight it, face it courageously and with great determination. During this period of the year, Capricorn is in perfect health, except for some small spinal problems. They could also catch flu, typical for this season, which could weaken them for some time and hinder everyday engagements. Youngsters should be careful with dangerous sports, as they could get hurt. Older people of this sign will be in great psychophysical shape, whereas elderly risk some problems due to the change of season.

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