Sign of the Month


From 23rd of November to the 21st of December
Quadruplicity: Mutable
Day of the week: Thursday
Birthstones: Brilliant, Lapis-lazuli, Turquoise, Sapphire
Flowers: Carnation, Daisy, Iris


The planet Jupiter, which dominates this sign, represents success, realization and prestige in work. During this period of the year we should imagine that what we have seeded has only apparently died and a new vital cycle is going to start. The body type of Sagittarius is tall, with an oval face, muscular legs and, usually, he has a flair for sports. His personality is that of an idealist, who tends to obtain whatever he aims for, he does not like to be defeated and he would do anything in order to achieve his ends, although he is sometimes compromised, as he does not always have a correct view over things. He has an innocent and spontaneous character, even if sometimes he tends to transform himself and get overly excited about things or events, which can lead to him lying about himself.
Often he thinks he is protected by some superior energy and as a result it is very difficult to discourage him, he also likes to surround himself with people who embody his beliefs, sharing some kind of spiritual journey, which everybody should follow. Therefore, when surrounded by people, who are following different courses from his own, he tries to convince them to change their minds and, if they don't, he criticizes and excludes them from his company and circle of friends.


The month of December will be very fortunate for your love life, especially because, you will also have the support of the Moon, which will bring you a perfect clarity of mind and a better knowledge of the events regarding your love life. The expression of your creativity will grow better and you can look forward to some good news, which will make your heart beat faster. The young ones of this sign will be more light-hearted than usual and will make one conquest after the other, without feeling uneasy or being refused; you will also have the opportunity to make good your losses, after all the delusions, and start a new love story. Even if it will not be the definitive one for the future, it will give you the opportunity to live through moments of joy, harmony, psychological welfare and happiness. For the grown ups of this sign, a great renewal is foreseen, as Pluto is in your sign, but it also forms some negative aspects with Saturn and Jupiter, so the difficulties to be overcome will be many and major stability is required, together with a greater resolve to keep promises. However, above all else, a great sincerity towards the partner will be required, because you could risk not only your love life but also your economic position. My advice is to think attentively before taking a decision; do not listen to others, but listen to your own innermost thoughts after analyzing all the pros and cons.


In work, there are lots of problems to overcome, but you will have great energy. You should be careful about investments and be patient when making changes, as it does not seem the right moment. Some positive planetary aspects will give you support in the difficult moments of this phase, giving you a wider view over the risks you could take and alerting you to any negative implication on the situations that make you uncertain and perplexed. In the beginning of this month Mercury will enter your sign, so some profitable news and communications you have been waiting for will finally arrive and there will be a slight improvement in your working life. This event will be especially favorable for companies, Associations and those who have recently started a new work experience. Do not let euphoria overcome you, stay firm in your principles and avoid drastic choices during this period. This will help you avoid expenses which could have an enormous influence on your finances.


Modern Astrology associates this sign with the liver and gluttony, whilst traditional Astrology associates it to the limbs, particularly to thigh injuries, and respiratory tract problems, so my advice is to be careful. Watch your diet and avoid excess, taking also into consideration Jupiter's negative influence, as during this period of the year you could tend to put on weight or, if you are already on a diet, you will not be able to lose weight. Be careful with dangerous sports. Thermal and mud baths are advisable. Your psychophysical and energy activity will be great, but take more exercise. Spend more time playing more sports, such as swimming or any other sport which could regenerate your mind and body.

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