Sign of the Month


From the 23rd of September to the 22nd of October
Quadruplicity: Cardinal
Day of the week: Friday
Birthstones: Coral, Diamond, Sapphire, Jade
Flowers: Narcissus, Rose, Lily, Gardenia


The people born under this sign are generally very serene; they have a strong sense of beauty and harmony and they can be recognized by the way they dress; they do not have a lot of strength and express themselves in a very gentle way and often are inconsistent. The search for balance that pervades them often pushes them towards finding a compromise in the name of love and also because of their decision-making difficulties. Being their ruling planet, Venus takes them on a continuous journey in search of love; they are obsessed so much by it that sometimes they even tend to feign admiration for people.


Being favored by some star aspects, you will be able to recuperate the necessary energies to deal with the problems that in the last few months have afflicted your relationships. You will reach great clarity and it will be easier for you to understand yourself and you will gain a deeper and more serious understanding of your relationship; also, during the autumn phase many of you will make important life decisions such as couples choosing to live together, if not a wedding; you will agree on some dates regarding your future together and you will be of the same opinion as your partner. Single people will go through a complicated phase especially around the 15th of October; some star aspects will not favor them and will make them particularly nervous and incapable of taking up initiatives with new acquaintances; therefore, they will tend to isolate themselves and their mood will be unsettled. On the other hand, the last part of the year will be very lucky for single people and it will bring you a new and exciting acquaintance that will fill you with life.


Your professional sector will suffer some phases of instability during the whole autumn period; you will have to pay attention, especially if you are self-employed, to daring investments and company regeneration or to the purchase of new technological equipment because the costs will weigh heavily on your bank balance and will make you worry about meeting the payments. It is advisable to wait till the beginning of next year in order to operate with more peace and quiet, thus avoiding the worries. On the other hand, if you are an employee, you will be able to assert your rights and you will have the opportunity to ask for a rise around the first half of November. Those who are looking for a new job, will have excellent opportunities towards the end of September and also in the beginning of November. There are big opportunities to find a job in accordance with your expectations and the earnings will be higher, of course.


The Stars will be very kind to you; you will have a high level of energy that will allow you to easily do your tasks. Young people of this sign will be able to take full advantage of their own psychophysical capabilities especially in sport where they will be able to excel with excellent results. They will have to pay attention on the quality of their food, choosing light, proteins and vitamin-rich food. Older Librans will have some problems with their legs and spine.

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