Sign of the Month


From the 21st of April to the 20th of May
Quadruplicity: Fix
Day of the week: Friday
Birthstones: Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise
Flowers: Lily, Hyacinth, Rose, Peach Flower


Taurus is the first Earth sign; it is characterized by the fact that people born under this sign love having solidity -such as a house, a stable job, a property to count on. This sign loves wellbeing to the point that sometimes the Taurean can appear greedy and attached to material things. His character appears to be reflective and stubborn and generally he does not accept orders from anyone; on the contrary, he gives them to other people. His relationship with money is of a maniacal type; he spends it for useful things or for his own interest. His house generally is full of valuable objects, paintings by famous painters, antique furniture, everything combined through good taste and high value, because all this means security to him. He has an enormous sense of family and his principles are among the strongest ones of the Zodiac. Generally in life he appears to be a conservative; he loves socializing with people of the upper class or people of a better social standing than him, who he uses to climb socially or for his personal purposes. He reaches maturity very slowly but once he acquires his values, it is very hard to eradicate them from him.


In the love sector this year you will have quite a few problems to overcome, especially of a psychological nature; relationships could suffer great instability, and it is probable that your faith in your partner will be put into jeopardy because of their lack of seriousness towards you. It is necessary that you have a wider field of vision, which will allow you to understand your partner's eventual mistakes and to deal with them accordingly, without letting sudden rage or desires for separation overcome you. Sometimes it will be necessary to go against your own need for stability and even accept momentary doubts; through this attitude you will be able to clarify the frictions and find some valid alternatives to the clashes. The presence of Saturn predisposes this sign to difficulties and there will be some tests to get through; so great willpower is necessary in order to overcome these instead of relying on aggressive instincts. The single people of this sign appear to be fortunate towards the end of April and during the month of June; in that period you will be able to meet new people and subsequently begin a new and real relationship, but effort to cultivate these friendships is required.


In the work sector, you will have a great flair for speeches and you will be able to conquer new partners; and besides, you will be able to organize yourself with confidence and this will allow you to get out of the critical phase you have lived in for the past few months. Many of you will have the chance to find new job opportunities or to improve their current financial situation. For those who are employees, the period between the end of April and September appears to be a fortunate one; in this period you will be able to meet new people, who are important for your profession and this will allow you a slow but continuous climb back to better days. What is more, in the same period, promotions and salary rises will be favored. The self-employed will be very lucky in the period between June and November this year. During this phase their investments will increase substantially and they will have the possibility to make investments for the growth of their company.


Taureans are subject to pathologies linked to the throat, the respiratory tract and the lungs. Young people of this sign will enjoy excellent health but could have some allergies. Older Taureans will have to pay attention to their mouth because toothache is likely but generally their health appears to be excellent. The elderly could have some problems with their bones and therefore they will have to be careful not to exaggerate with physical efforts and to be especially careful with dangerous jobs. The stars recommend thyroid check ups.

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