Sign of the Month


From the 20th of February to the 20th of March
Quadruplicity: Mutable
Day of the week: Tuesday
Birthstones: Pink Coral, Turquoise, Aquamarine
Flowers: Iris, Camellia, Jasmine, Lily


The Pisces type has a very profound psychic nature and generally acts with instability, laziness appears to be a big deterrent of his/her growth. As far as their nature is concerned, they appear to be indecisive and fearful; they are big dreamers and have a considerable imagination and an elevated intuition. When in the birth chart of a Piscean, negative aspects are present; he/she appears to be very vulnerable, even from things he/she believes in. In that case he/she becomes passive and confusion and disorder could easily prevail in dealing with everyday problems. Generally, he/she appears to be very tolerant to other people's problems, up to the point of taking up responsibilities and trying to solve what is bothering the people around them. In love, he/she is very sensual, but he/she does not like revealing it; he/she, also, does not have a great sex life and when the aspects are negative, he/she sets out for dissoluteness: sadism and masochism. Pisces do also have a great flair for occultism.


In love, you will start this year with a lot of instability and will feel a little bitter because things are not going right. Therefore, relationships will suffer moments of tension in the first months of the year, especially due to an excessive persistence in following your own convictions, which will bring some heated confrontations and lack of understanding. A more available and understanding attitude towards the partner should be enough to soften the difficulties and also solve them in a short period of time. The most positive phase relationships appears to be towards the end of the September period in which communication will improve; your partner will be particularly available and you will find a way to solve some family matters that were bothering you at the beginning of the year. Single people will have excellent opportunities to start a new relationship in those first months of the year. Those who will start a relationship in this period will surely meet the person able to satisfy their needs and to understand their moods and strangeness. Time will make the relationship grow and become permanent. Those who will not start a relationship in the first three months will be very much favored during summer, a period when they can find the partner of their lifetime.


You will be able to bring some huge changes into your work and professional everyday life. If the previous year was rich in news and opportunities to improve your economic situation, this year will be even richer in confirmations, as you will be able to make the right decisions at the right moment. The first seven months of the year will be very important and positive for those of you who will want to change job or to expand. Those who will have the opportunity to sign new contracts should consider themselves to be born under a lucky star. This year's autumn will give you excellent opportunities to make huge investments, the profits will be really excellent, and you will have a chance to carry out some home renovations or even to purchase a piece of real estate. Many of your sign, in this period, will reach certain fame and notoriety, but you should be able to grasp the opportunities straight away and try not to let them go, as they will not come again soon. In conclusion, it appears to be a year in which you will put order into the work sector. Delights and good luck will not be missing.


A typical Piscean appears to be fragile. He/she suffers frequently from problems with the ankles and he/she is prone to obesity and skin diseases. During the year, pay particular attention to your eating habits and avoid excess of every kind, such as alcohol, smoking or bad habits in general, which appear to be big obstacles for your health. Many of you will have a much higher energy level and there are no serious or worrying problems in store. In the period between March and April, you will feel the change of seasons; therefore colds and flu will be easy to catch. For those who play sport, more attention will be needed in the period between June and July, especially to the limbs. Elderly Pisceans could have problems with their spine in the first two months, but they will be in excellent health overall.

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