Sign of the Month


From the 22nd of June to the 22nd of July
Quadruplicity: Cardinal
Day of the week: Monday
Birthstones: Pearl, Emerald, Opal
Flowers: Lily, Jasmine, Gardenia


The Cancer type usually presents a very receptive character; he is rather passive with a strong tendency to dream and is endowed with great intuition. Generally, he does not like sharing his soul and usually his relationships are characterized by coldness, somehow toned down by cordiality. In ancient symbology the Cancer represents one of the gates of the Zodiac through which the souls that were ready for reincarnation had to pass. After having drunk from the chalice of the god Bacchus, that was erasing their mothers' memories thus reducing the suffering of the detachment, they were ready for life. As far as his personality is concerned, the Cancerian appears to be a subject that changes mood frequently; he gets easily annoyed, especially if criticized as this is something he does not like. The Cancerian is recognized also, for the enormous love he feels for his house; he does not like his private space invaded and generally invites only a few intimate friends to his place.


You will feel a great positive energy, together with the need to renew your everyday life and to push away for good the people you have around and that are not suitable for you. You will have to be very careful and avoid being instinctive because you could make mistakes regarding some good friends. Stars will favor your relationship; you will clarify the disputes you had recently and you will be more available to the loved person; communication will also improve and you will find some common ground for dealing with your everyday life. Venus will make your relationship even more harmonious; the single will be especially favored having the chance to make some nice acquaintances and to begin a good and permanent relationship. You will also be able to make new conquests and to involve your friends in unusual evenings.


You will have excellent opportunities to increase your entries, but great application will be required. Besides, try not to be overcome by impulsiveness and be prudent with the investment proposals that will probably arrive this summer. You will also be required to produce a profound analysis of all the operations you will have to do and, at the same time, you should avoid trusting offers that are too tempting. The young people of the sign that are still looking for a job will go through a positive phase in the period between July and September, although they will probably find only casual or temporary jobs; however, towards the end of the year, the Stars' influences will be even more favorable and they will be able to find permanent jobs. The more mature people of this sign should not let the desire for a change overcome them and they will have to wait for October to be able to find something more suitable to their expectations. The self-employed will have a very fortunate phase in autumn.


You will have a great psychophysical energy and will not suffer from any major indispositions. Young people will have to be careful with food because their stomach will be their main weak point during the whole summer. They will have to be careful with extreme sports during August. Older people of the sign will feel some small complications in the spine and they will have to be careful with very cold drinks and draughts because they risk having problems even after the summer period. Elderly people of the sign could have some problems with their joints and their eyes will be vulnerable as well. Generally, the Stars advise you to spend this phase in the country or in the mountains; avoid excessive sun exposure.

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