Financial Astrology
Have you just decided to enter into the section dedicated to Financial Astrology where our astrologists set out for you all the astrological forecasts linked to the financial world? Business, work, investments: what big words! Cast aside your fears and overcome the financial obstacles which you feel are insurmountable: Predictpod can help you to invest, save and make the most of your capital!

A serious astrologer who wants to be a good investor and earn slightly more than average must be able to combine very complex variables, such as: birth themes, the horoscope of each stock and of each market, interplanetary aspects, transits, revolutions of the sun, the effects of the new moon, of eclipses and sunspotsi and the general horoscope of the nations.
Since astrology is a system of symbols which transcend rational thought activity, the astrologer must focus on the mechanisms of astral influences which - through symbols, myths and archetypes - extend from the astronomical universe to the interior universe, and from there to the investor unconscious. As soon as we realized the difficulty of this job, we understood that a single method was not enough if we wanted to place each variable in the right perspective.

This is why we decided to consider two levels of intervention:

  • World index forecasts are carried out trying to highlight and combine financial significance of traditional Astrology with a detailed comparative study of similar Astral events end their consequences.
  • The planets' choice of stocks is based on the Zodiac's mythological-symbolical aspects and their influence on the investor's psychology.
Combining these practices, it is possible to create our own personal portfolio, forecast and anticipate market trends. So: Ready? Get steady? Go with Financial Astrology!!!

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