Sagittarius - Horoscope of 2024



Love: You'll feel anxiety caused by the stress of daily life.

Work: Your relationship will take a positive turn and you'll see your partner in a whole new light. Not everyone has this level of understanding and communication in their relationship.

Health: Certain events will force you to take a second look at your position and the premises of an important task. Your open mindedness will allow you to achieve excellent results.


Love: Try not to be too obsessive over all rules given you, as you could overdo things.

Work: A misunderstanding will lead you to reflect back on past situations which you'd forgotten. Think back and weigh up your situation.

Health: You'll be guided by your intuition. Cast aside all pride when dealing with a despotic superior.


Love: A little exercise is enough to keep your muscles strong so try to do some sport to keep in great shape.

Work: You'll feel there's something missing in your relationship but won't know exactly what this is. You'll feel the urge for exciting and stimulating developments to unfurl.

Health: You will have to get over a huge stumbling block which will make achieving your goals difficult. The Stars advise you to use logic, intuition and courage.


Love: The Stars advise you to watch out as you are prone to distraction so be careful.

Work: You'll be seductive, kind, charismatic and charm all those in your midst. You'll go out with someone with whom you are on the same wavelength.

Health: You'll get an opportunity to change occupation or improve your current role by taking on new responsibilities. Watch out for traps and hidden dangers.


Love: Minor ailments are likely as your diet is not balanced enough. Do something about this.

Work: You'll be able to control your stubborn ways as you are in Love. And not only will this lead to better complicity and harmony with your partner, but you'll discover far more pleasures this way.

Health: An error in judgment will lead to a minor failure and this will disappoint you. This will teach you to be more prudent in the future; we learn from our mistakes.


Love: You'll feel a little sick and not in great shape.

Work: You'll refuse to change a situation which is getting stale. You'll have to face the consequences of this behavior. Take the only decision possible.

Health: A really tiring phase is on the cards. Your presumption will stop you finalizing important deals so if you can, postpone appointments.


Love: Try to watch what you eat as you risk putting on a little weight.

Work: You'll have to show a side of your character which you've kept under wraps until now. This will revive your relationship and create a new form of stability.

Health: You won't work effectively or logically so results will be disappointing. If you realize your error however, you'll manage to find a solution.


Love: You could be prone to bouts of melancholy so don't isolate yourself from others; spend time with friends and enjoy yourself - you need it.

Work: You have the right ideas but you won't express them properly. To avoid misunderstandings, be as loyal and honest as you can.

Health: Your dissatisfaction at work will reach new heights. You'll feel the desire to change but the Stars will advise you to wait for a more opportune moment.


Love: The Stars encourage you to stop chewing things over - this will tire you out.

Work: Your partner will finally tell you what you've been waiting so long to hear. Just remember however this is only the start of a long journey together.

Health: You'll need to be less competitive as you risk being left to your own devices. Try to adopt a policy of collaboration.


Love: You'll be able to relax in peace and tranquility. Do some movement.

Work: You'll feel irritated by a relative. Try to be sensitive as you could end up hurting your partner if not.

Health: The results you've been waiting for will arrive and you'll be recognized for your hard work. This will make you more confident about your abilities.


Love: You are not in the best of moods and the Stars suggest you don't spend too much time in the company of others.

Work: An opportunity you've been waiting for finally turns up: don't let it slip through your hands. Your need to excel will irritate others.

Health: New opportunities will come your way although you'll hesitate as timing and deadlines are not clear. Seek advice.


Love: You're probably asking too much of your body so slow down a little.

Work: You believe you've found The One and will do everything you can to keep this person in your life. Just try to act more naturally; this will facilitate things.

Health: You will need to concentrate more on what you do otherwise you may well not realize that opportunities and hidden dangers are passing before your eyes.

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