Aquarius - Horoscope of 2024



Love: You'll feel a little weak in general due to climate changes.

Work: You'll realize that your partner is bowled over by you and his or her affectionate ways and kind words will be the confirmation of this, Your efforts have been worthwhile but you are not being your true self.

Health: Your efforts to improve will be praise-worthy although you'll realize this isn't enough to get the results you desire. You need training.


Love: Beware of temperature changes as these could lead to physical indisposition.

Work: You'll manage to get through of a tough period with your beloved which has been caused by a misunderstanding. You'll realize that others were entirely to blame for this.

Health: Your charm will help you avoid criticism but be careful as it may not be so easy next time.


Love: You'll have negative thoughts which will put your nerves to the test.

Work: Try not to keep yourself to yourself to chew things over. A minor misunderstanding will put you in a bad mood.

Health: You'll worry at the idea of taking on a new project as you'll feel you lack the means to do it. However, you'll get there in the end.


Love: The Stars advise you relax and enjoy some evenings out with friends to unwind.

Work: You'll have the right intentions towards your partner but he or she could misunderstand you anyway. Try not to wait for any surprises and focus more on simplicity.

Health: Your ambition will mean you are pushing yourself to your limits and this will take a great effort. Evaluate just how far you can go or you'll be disappointed with the results.


Love: You'll feel strong and powerful but don't push your body too far.

Work: You'll behave in an impulsive and neurotic way. But you'll realize the errors of your ways and will save the situation by showing your partner a great deal of affection.

Health: You'll start off by acting instinctively when faced with a situation which feels like a threat. You'll then decide however to use different criteria.


Love: You could experience some skin problems, due to poor nutrition.

Work: You'll make the right choice but this will take a great effort. Your love for your partner will mean you'll act unnaturally and this will come back to haunt you.

Health: You will insist that someone who has made a mistake takes responsibility for this. Try not to be too exasperating or insistive however or you could get the opposite to what you desire.


Love: You should get out of the house more and enjoy the fresh air. This will be good for mental and physical energy levels.

Work: You'll feel particularly tired due to stress. You'll feel content in your relationship and will show just how happy you are.

Health: You'll need to wait for the changes you desire to arrive. Moreover, watch out for someone who promises help and understanding as this couldn't be further from the truth.


Love: You'll tend to have respiratory problems as if you need air; you feel suffocated by all you have taken on.

Work: You'll feel you lack stability and will become possessive and nasty towards your partner. Get through this period and things will sort themselves out.

Health: You'll wrongly judge a co-worker who will be sincere with you. Try to look at the facts more effectively and if you can, retract your accusations.


Love: A cup of chamomile tea will help your sleep pattern and help you get to sleep more easily.

Work: Tiredness will make you slightly less reactive than usual. You'll take some time out to reflect on what you want and need.

Health: You'll get some news but can expect some traps and hidden danger. It'll take time to regain stability. Controversy with a co-worker is likely.


Love: You'll have to find a way to eliminate tension and stress which is simply too high.

Work: You'll be flattered by the compliments of someone you've known for a long time and will see him or her in a new light. You'll have a great deal in common, which you will only discover now.

Health: A punctilious superior will instruct you to re-do a task from scratch although you'd believed it was almost finished. Make your point calmly.


Love: You can expect toothache.

Work: You'll have the strength of character to stand out from the crowd. Your good intentions will be misunderstood.

Health: You should be more confrontational at work. Someone will try to waste your time and energy on useless tasks.


Love: Try not to be too active as you could get over tired.

Work: You are afraid you are not worthy of your beloved and won't act spontaneously. Be more self confident as others will pick up on this.

Health: You'll spend a great deal of your time trying to solve a problem which has many repercussions on several activities in the firm. You'll handle this well and will be praised.

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