Cancer - Horoscope of 2024



Love: Avoid climatic changes which could cause cervical pain.

Work: You'll have heaps of energy and a great desire to keep busy. This will help you find out what's bothering your Partner.

Health: You will be far too stubborn so control yourself as a superior could reproach you heavily for this.


Love: You could feel some pain in your spine so avoid temperature highs and lows and cover up your neck.

Work: You'll give in too much and this means others could well take advantage of you. Try to earn more respect.

Health: You'll need heaps of patience due to envious co-workers who will conspire against you to put you in a bad light.


Love: The Stars suggest you avoid dangerous sports as you are prone to distraction.

Work: Don't expect to have your partner present in each and every situation. It is important to give others space, otherwise you could end up losing everything you hold dear.

Health: You'll feel the burden of responsibility heavily as you are extremely tired. A wrong choice has also not helped. Ask for advice.


Love: Don't go to bed straight after dinner, this could cause bad digestion.

Work: You'll tend to keep yourself to yourself and won't allow anyone to console you, not even your partner. You'll continue to worry about problems, making mountains out of molehills.

Health: You'll need to seek the help of someone with more expertise than you. The tasks asked of you need more preparation and you need to work on this.


Love: The Stars suggest you consume more dairy products.

Work: You'll be able to show others just how capable and on the ball you are. You'll be kind and affectionate, making communication and dialog easier.

Health: You'll be able to show your worth by doing a task really well. However, at work there is a tense atmosphere and this will influence your mood.


Love: Be careful when cooking - watch out for burns.

Work: You'll tend to worry about minor matters instead of focusing on the bigger picture. Reflect about your attitude as you could disappoint others.

Health: You won't even listen to people you usually trust and this could lead to huge errors.


Love: Slow down as your nervous system is reaching breaking point.

Work: Your enthusiasm will be infectious to everyone around you. You'll be able to comfort and console your Partner and be encouraging about the future.

Health: You'll need to ask a more experienced co-worker for advice to avoid falling into a trap set by a hostile and envious co-worker.


Love: Avoid spicy food or you could suffer later.

Work: Your stable situation will make you yearn for something else and exciting. Never take your relationship for granted as you could regret this when it's too late.

Health: You won't be helped by your instincts so reflect carefully before taking a decision at work otherwise you could waste a lot of time.


Love: This is a period of edginess and intolerance. Try not to get down and be more optimistic.

Work: You'll be thrown into a negative situation but your partner will be supportive and gentle towards you.

Health: It won't be easy when dealing with someone who stands firm in his or her opinions. However, thanks to your cheerful behavior, you'll find a solution.


Love: You are in great shape and will excel at any sport or activity you do.

Work: You'll insist you are right about a past quarrel. Try to let this go, showing strength of character.

Health: Someone very influential will help you with your career. This will surprise you but will make you feel very confident.


Love: You'll need to relax to get rid of all accumulated stress.

Work: You'll feel as if you are the center of attention and will tend to give advice to all and sundry. Don't be afraid of declaring your feelings as they will be reciprocated.

Health: You can look forward to a period of great satisfaction. After several attempts and mistakes, you'll find the right solution to solving a puzzle, all thanks to your intuition.


Love: The Stars advise you not to overdo things, try to be constant and don't tire yourself out.

Work: You'll have the strength of character to turn around a situation which seemed worrying. Your partner will be amazed by your original and romantic ideas.

Health: You'll realize that the parts of your job which you'd thought were solid and stable are not so. Try not to get disheartened and try to find new solutions.

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