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Sagittarius has the courage to aspire towards a thousand per cent profit on each stock or share he/she buys and he/she often manages to bring his/her dreams near to reality. But: he/she never admits to have made a mistake and goes on fooling even him/herself, refusing any brokerage of the purchasing prices, losing all his/her capital in stocks irrecoverably rejected by the market.

What does a Sagittarius think when he/she wins at the stock exchange?

What does a Sagittarius think when he/she loses at the stock exchange:

What makes a Sagittarius a winner

What can ruin a Sagittarius?

What would a Sagittarius do after winning one million dollars?

He would found a political party and will take its leadership for life.

What should we learn from a Sagittarius

So, you never make a mistake about an investment? What are you saying? Who are you kidding? One of the common fibs among the talented idiots is this one - buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest. Are you saying that you have already done it? Once or twice it is possible, but always? When the market is being pushed up by an emotional wave, you could select a winning portfolio even by pointing your forefinger at random at the list of the shares with your eyes closed. But when the Bear is breathing down your neck, you - the incurable pig-heads - are the first to die.

Your sign is the one of the great preachers - the new evangelists that are full of passion and feeling. If you have a conviction, you guard it with reinforced concrete in your head and those who contradict you should watch out - there will be bangs and blows with heads that are strong enough to unhinge doors. The fear that the future is reserving some disgrace for you does not even touch you. You proceed undeterred in your proselytism until you find your fixed look in the eyes of everyone else. The result of all this would be crazy because if you succeed to pass on that Jupiter's luck that rarely abandons you, you would give others serenity and wealth. Then, in a world made only of people like you and you again, thousands, hundreds of thousands, billions of people like you, for a second you will feel alone. But only for a second.

You are an optimist; the first to be wooed by making easy money and the last to understand that the boom would become an anti-boom. How is that possible? Has the advice about buying become a prerogative of dot com, and are the Internet stocks sinking? Many people think like that, especially those of you who have not stopped believing in the NASDAQ... and found themselves with empty pockets. It is so unlike you to lose pride and ask for advice. You will remain undecided for a long time you will have enthusiasm to sell, a great capacity to convince, determination, courage and a shrewdness that will put you at a crossroads.

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