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Aries recovers easily after the losses and starts fighting boldly again, deeply convinced that the road paved with errors is the one, which leads to victory. But he/she is presumptuous and easily deceived by fast profits. Without making any technical or basic analysis, he/ she ends up in tears.

What does an Aries think when he/she wins at the Stock Exchange?

What does Aries think when he/she loses at the Stock Exchange?

What makes Aries a winner?

What can ruin an Aries?

What would Aries do after winning a million dollars?

For an Aries money means

What should we learn from an Aries

Blind impulsiveness makes them do the right thing at the wrong moment. When the Stock Exchange seems to be moving at random and the values fluctuate, Aries ends up buying AND selling, dictated more by instinct than by reason.

Quick decision-making, nerve and courage are Aries' three virtues but each has a reverse side: recklessness, contempt for others' will and unconsciousness and these are the problems of those born between the 20th of March and the 19th of April. They can be summed up in the words of an old song by The Doors: "We want the world and we want it now".

Each Aries should learn from the qualities of other signs and after thus will have acquired the features of an expert in knowledge and virtue.

Perpetually excited, stubborn Aries does not know what patience is, doesn't like study and is presumptuous enough to earn money quickly without knowing anything about the actual technical or fundamental side of it. This leads to tears but these tears soon dry.

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