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Pisces is the only one who can perform excellent gains without exactly knowing what did he/she actually buy, thanks to the sole force of foreseeing. But: he/she often wastes him/herself away by fighting wildly with him/herself, producing confused and changing strategies that make him/her either carry out lots of futile operations or remain motionless, and facing collapse.

What does a Pisces think when he/she wins at the stock exchange?

What does a Pisces think when he/she loses at the stock exchange?

What makes a Pisces a winner?

What can ruin a Pisces

What would a Pisces do after winning one million dollars?

For a Pisces money means

What should we learn from a Pisces

Here is a typical cry for help from our Piscean friends. Unable to think on a small scale and eager to make a fortune without working too hard, those born from the 19th of February till the 20th of March are marked by the ruling God Neptune, the master of the oceans and rivers. This capricious divinity makes Pisces experience shadows and deceit.

In the market, their biggest enemy is a stranger who reads the papers day after day, knows the data of the balance weeks before they have been made public, and gets important tip-offs. Listening to them cursing this sort of urban legend, it seems that they cannot be blamed for anything. But Pisces are those types that after wasting whole days studying graphs, charts and tables, and planning complicated investment strategies, at the actual time of buying, they change course because of sudden intuition, totally averse to the logic of the market and therefore destined to fail.

Since they do not react to the events with reason, but with their heart, every loss leads them to a deep discouragement and to the disappointment with the Stock Exchange. On the other hand, a small profit could make them risk more, and if their Ascendant is the daring Scorpion, here is the profile of the typical investors who treat the financial markets like casinos. Everything either on red or on black and everything in one single turn. And if it goes wrong They find the strength to raise again form their ruins, to close the deep-rooted pessimism in some dark corner of their soul, and as if by magic, they start risking again with the same blind optimism and the visionary spirit of the first time. And what is better than a plunge into the stormy waters of the "covered warrants"?

Deeply convinced that more than winning or losing, what counts is the thrill of the game, only the ups and downs of victories and defeats could give them those overflowing emotions that are needed to make the days go by and not feel be a burden because, basically Pisces have only one enemy - boredom...

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