Russell Crowe - Celebrity Horoscopes

Russell Crowe

April 7th, 1964 Wellington (New Zealand)

Sign: Aries

Looking at the position of his birth Sun in Aries and other astrological aspects, we can deduce a particularly eclectic personality with the tendency to adapt to any requirement that he comes across, with a very loving character towards the people close to his heart, but also towards the friends, who he chooses very carefully. The relationship with one of his parents, I think his father, must have been very troubled because of the nature of their personalities - particularly stubborn on both sides, but in reality, Russell must have admired him a lot and followed his steps in handling the problems of life.

The position of his birth Venus in Gemini makes him extroverted and sensitive in his love relationships. While he was growing up and reaching maturity, he must have acquired the need for independency anyway or the need for space when he is in a relationship. The most important women in his life seem to have been two and one of these relationships must have ended because of a conflict caused by the jealousy of one the partners. At the moment he seems to be in a good relationship, but I think that this is not the woman of his life. He will find balance in this sector, thanks to a new and good encounter that it seems has something to do with his professional world.

In the work sector, looking at his birth Jupiter in Aries, I can see his need for wanting to star always in different parts, therefore it will be unlikely to see him in parts, and similar to the ones he has already starred in. What else can I say about Russel? He has had big successes with his last films, but the successes he will have in the future will be even bigger. Very soon now, people will start talking about him and a new film of his again, a film that will earn him a remarkable success and within the next two years he will get very close to winning an Oscar. We are in the presence of someone, who is going to make a collection of successes and Oscars, nevertheless remaining simple and available to everyone.

In the financial sector, he appears to have an excellent flair for business and investments, he does not let anyone influence him and he listens to all the advices in order to benefit personally from them and to follow his instincts, which is unlikely to fail him. In the friendship sector, Russel appears to be a very protective person, he is also very available to the people, who need him, what is more, sometimes he goes too far in helping them; anyway, he seems to be surrounded by people who love him because of this characteristic of his and his great honesty. His health appears to be excellent. His weak points are the nervous system and the respiratory tract. So do the stars say!

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