Renée Zellweger - Celebrity Horoscopes

Renée Zellweger

April 25th, 1969, Katy (Texas) U.S.A.

Sign: Taurus

Renée was born in Texas with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Leo. She reached International fame (and an Oscar Nomination) in 2000, thanks to her interpretation of Bridget Jones. In her following films, she showed both talent and versatility, moving from films to musicals with ease and getting the best of each character she plays. The planetary positions at the moment of birth render her determined and ambitious. Deep down, she is extremely sensitive although, maybe due to her Leo Ascendant, easily offended. Renée is sometimes over touchy, although is willing to forget quite quickly what upset her in the first place! Planetary positions at the time of her birth coincide with her desire to stand out and be a Super Star in her professional life. This determined Texan actress won't stop 'til she's reached her goals (as can be seen in her brilliant career)! At the time of her birth, the Moon was in the first house. This position means that Renée's choices are mainly dictated by her feelings and sensations. Indeed, Renée is unaffected by what others say and relies on her own gut instincts to make the best choices both professionally and in her sentimental life. Her sensitivity and ability to "listen to herself" make her great at picking up on other people's feelings. Thanks also to the position of Venus in the 9th house, Renée can luckily count on great moral strength and an artistic sensitivity which, coupled with her talent, have lead to her well-deserved "fame!"

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