Libra - 12 Signs of the Zodiac


From the 23rd of September to the 22nd of October
Quadruplicity: Cardinal
Day of the week: Friday
Birthstones: Coral, Diamond, Sapphire, Jade
Flowers: Narcissus, Rose, Lily, Gardenia
Metals: Copper
Essences: Musk, Tobacco, Sandal
Animals: Turtle-Dove, Finch

General characteristics

Air sign ruled by Venus. Librans love beauty and elegance and they hate arguments. They express rational and impartial judgments on any subject. They are nice, gentle, balanced, orderly and they can adapt themselves to circumstances. They fall into a state of depression when they are violently attacked and suffer in case of defeat. They like jobs related to wide spaces, such as: designer, antiquarian, free lance worker. Friendship and true love are absolutely necessary. To give vent to their love, they could face very long journeys. Librans are possessive and faithful and also in love they hate vain arguments and vulgarity.

Lucky number: 7

Number Seven is the symbol of perfect equilibrium and totality. It is the expression par excellence of mediation between the human sphere and the divine sphere. In ancient tines, Seven was considered as a magical and religious symbol as it was linked to worshiping the lunar cycle. The Babylonian civility regarded it as festive thus dedicated to the cult, the days of every month were multiples of seven. Number Seven was also considered as a symbol of health by Pythagoras and, as for the Greeks, it is said that they called it " venerable" whereas Plato actually defined it as an " anima mundi", the soul of the world. Seven is a fundamental number as there are seven heavens of antiquity and to each corresponds a planet : Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Number Seven has a strong astrological link with Saturn, a planet which makes one more persevering and more attentive.
When you have something in mind, there is no way you will change it! You give your all to reach an objective and if someone tries to discourage you, you close your ears to it and carry on regardless.


The colour pink is the symbol of kindness, delicacy and gentleness. It is often connected to romantic love, love which makes us dream. Pink has great powers: it can relax the sight and thus the mind. In any case, if the colour which represents you is pink, sometimes you are a little childish but nevertheless you are blessed with great sensitivity. You can't stand feeling ill at ease and do everything you can to avoid embarrassing situations or those which cause you concern. The colour pink has a strong astrological link with Venus.

Light blue is a colour which is strongly linked to meditation and reflection. If the colour which represents you is light blue, sometimes you are over sensitive. You think and re-think about what you have to do and you often find it hard to take a definitive decision.

Brown is the colour of the earth: it symbolises links with one's origins, tenacity and patience. If the colour which most represents you is brown, you are substantially a person in whom one can trust, calm and reflective with healthy principles. Your main quality is your strength of spirit and the conviction that values and tradition have a fundamental role in your life. Brown has a strong astrological link with Saturn, especially in darker tonalities.

Seducing the Libra

Libran women are elegant, refined, vital and sweet. To win her love, give her lots of expensive and refined presents. If you don't want to lose her, you need to cover her with sweetness and attentions.
Tip: When you give her flowers, add a nice love card!

Libran men are delicate, elegant and fascinating. Because of their self-esteem, they love being admired and fondled. With them it is possible to take the first step and break the ice. For Libran men is important to find a clever woman who can relieve them from daily worries.
Tip: mind your eye make-up.

Desire, creative energy, timidity or communication skills: these are all the various qualities which belong to some signs rather than others. How can you know the 12 Signs of the Zodiac? Just count on us! You must know that the Zodiac is divided into 12 parts: the Signs of the Zodiac. Each sign, which depends on the position of the Sun on any individual's birth date strongly influences one's personality and character and this is why it is essential to gain information and deepen Astrology and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac in general. The fact that the Zodiac is subdivided into 12 parts can be attributed to Babylonian astrology where each part was defined a "sign" as it was represented by a symbol, each with a precise and different characteristic and meaning.

Your sign is unique like the 12 Signs of the Zodiac which we offer you here: make the most of our experts to discover what it is necessary to know about each sign of the Zodiac! The sign can be influenced by various factors such as your rising sign, your natural element ( air, water, fire and earth) and the decade. What are you waiting for? 12 Signs of the Zodiac are for you!

To go deeply into the world of Astrology and discover other precious information on the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, consult the section devoted to Signs Birthstones: what is your birthstone? Discover it with us!

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